Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New toys!

Realising that I needed a new stem for my bike was pretty easy. When I used the tips of my fingers to hold onto the handle bars, the pain went away! I might not need a seat after all! So I cycled down to the bike shop yesterday between classes to check out what they had for options, they have a nice little adjustable stem in stock for 20$ and can put it on, or I might feel handy and do it since I have the tools. While I was there the thought hit me to ask for chain guards, which they don’t have in stock but which I could order for around 30 and it’s a one size fits all hopefully. I am slightly concerned about that, as my bike is a weird shape and design and I have had issues before with a “one size fits all” product. So both of them I am thinking on and do need to order but am going to wait for a bit longer, until the craziness of the first few weeks back wears off. However I did not leave empty handed! I needed some chain lube as with the rains this summer and raining on the way up here from NH, the oil needed to be re-applied as there was orange starting to be seen and the gears were getting a bit too clean. Thankfully they still had this canola based biodegradable oil(I will edit a link in later once I remember the name) in stock so I picked up a bottle, wanted to get some last fall but I had a spray container which I left at home for my dad this time around. I also picked up a nice little bike bell, as there had been comments in the past I scare people when I bike, well maybe if they were not constantly chatting on their phone or on their ipod they wouldn’t be so freaked out ;) but none the less I felt it a worthy 5$ and made in France no less! Down with China! A very successful day and around 17 miles on the bike, I also did a rough estimate of hitting 1000 miles by the end of the term, I should be able to without too much problem, that's not including a hopeful 125mi~ trek into Montreal and back sometime before my birthday.

Zefal bike bell
My local bike shop! :wub:

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