Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new wind blowing

I have noticed a change on campus. I am not sure what’s causing it, but I am seeing more of the classic cruisers around, albeit with breaks and at least 3 speed gears, you know the full uprights that the rest of the world uses as commuter bikes. This is actually very different from last fall, when the majority would still be either full road or mountain bikes. There are fixies here too, and the riders are apparently thinking they are a bike messenger in NYC the way they are weaving though traffic, gives the rest of us a bad name but that’s another topic.

I think it might have to do with the resurgence of the cycle-chic movement, blogs like Amsterdamize, and Copenhagen cycle chic have imitators popping up in every major city, the bike as a fashion symbol or statement is catching on among the “young and hip”. I have some reservations about that and the chic movement as a whole but, you know, if its gets more people on a bike, and more people see more people on these “stately” bikes sans lycra then maybe just maybe things are changing, even way the heck up north in the Adirondacks, and that change looks for the better.

There is lots of further reading on this, a simple google search will give you more information then you already need, any thoughts on this resurgence? A help or hindrance?

thanks to the folks over at Bikelite for the picture, and fujibikes for making this beauty.

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