Friday, September 4, 2009

Wear and tear

well today I got the first flat that was not directly caused by anything, seems the seam on the tube broke from wear, or just because it was old. It was the original tube that came with the bike when I got it in 2006. so over lunch break with a nice vegetarian wrap from my co-op I replaced the tube and got everything nice and pumped up again! Certainly a good experience, and now I need to go get me a patch kit in case it happens on the road, although I am not changing that tire at any fast speed and I don't have a small air pump yet, one step at a time! However it was really fun to come back from class to my bike and find the tire completely deflated, when I had ridden it in just fine this morning.

there will be a Feature Friday post hopefully up later tonight, for now I have a show that needs a spot op so that's where I will be!

I will post a picture up tomorrow of the hole!

good uses for dead tubes, cut them up and use them as bungees!

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