Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well There's Your Problem...

Visited the wonderful city of Portland Maine this past Sunday and Monday (beating the First Night rush).  Sidewalk snow clearing was mediocre the further you got from the Monument Square/Tourist area but not bad really considering the large amount of snow that fell.

My girlfriend and I took the Downeaster as we usually do and we unfortunately were not able to walk the very nice pedestrian bike path that leads from the transportation center to congress street and downtown as it was under a foot and a half of snow.  Roads were bone dry though (as usual)
That nice green line is the normally convenient bike/ped path
Took a 4 minute bus ride on the METRO Route 5 bus which was fine.  We stay at the Inn at St. John a small B&B with amazingly good rates and a pretty good location along Congress St.  Fun fact it has been an inn since the original Portland Train Station was located across from it along St. John Street, it is unfortunately now a strip mall, but the Inn is still very nice and about a 15 minute walk from downtown.

What? Seems fine to me...
I had a heck of a time reporting this issue to the city though I think I managed to finally do so.  Note to cities; there are lots of folks out there like me that care about their home town/city or communities they travel to.  If there is an issue they would like to report it if possible.  Making it very hard to nearly impossible to do so is not so helpful.

Eh Volie!  It still worked, though I am not sure for how long...

I am not sure if I should be walking
and the walk light is out or not walking
and the don't walk light it out...

There was a "don't walk" pedestrian light out as well at this intersection; yes I reported that too.

I hope to be here more frequently in 2013, I will work on better content and more consistent updates.  Happy New Year!