Monday, April 18, 2011

Livable Manchester (NH)

I came across this site from some connections with Commute Green NH (facebook link). It is called LibableMHT and focuses on some thoughts and lessons which could make Manchester, NH a better community for all. I have not had too much time to browse the posts in depth, but they do have a nice potential streetcar setup which looks really spiffy for sure.

I encourage you to check them out, it is really nice to see something like this develop in good ol NH.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Still Moving Forward

Yes I am still here, yes I am still working. I graduated in January and am now part time employed with the City of Cambridge, MA as an outreach coordinator for a transportation mode shift encouragement program.

I still have a bunch of stuff going on, the least of which is enjoying 3 hours of train time a day :) as I commute into Boston.

I am also in the planning stages for Commute Green NH (which is part of the work done by Path NH in a month or so. We will be having a commuter/user breakfast at the Dover Rail terminal on May 20th.

I am also involved in the basic planning stages to set up a Bicycle and Pedestrian committee for the city of Dover (which is the fastest growing in the state and just reached 30,000 last census).

I continue to take infrastructure pictures, and muse on topics, I work on the computer a whole lot for my job so I do try to limit it when I am at home, but I will make every attempt to at least get something going once a week and then build from there.

For now I leave you with a wonderful video from David and Mark over at A View From The Cycle Path on how the dutch would update the NACTO bicycle guidelines.

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