Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Infrastructure: A canal runs next to it

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Welcome back to Feature Friday! If you have been paying attention you will notice a few format changes I made, resizing of the main image and the borders of the blog to better hold data and images, and hopefully make it a bit easier to read.

Today we are in Birmingham, England. As a minor note the main header image was taken here on the same night, albeit a bit later. This image was taken near the end of May at about 9:40 at night. One of the most interesting things, is yes its almost 10pm and yes its still plenty light out! Interesting fact, Birmingham actually has more canals then Venice! This was told to me by one of my friends who lives and works in Birmingham, so he may have been a bit bias, but I can certain believe it. British Waterways has done a really good job restoring and labeling the canal system in Birmingham.

I do not remember specifically where this image was taken, however about 10 minutes later I came across this map, so you can do the math and figure out where I was :P
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It was again the end of the day, and I had an 11:50(ish) train back to Leeds (which turned into a 5am train but another story) so I was tooling around the canals, and circled back around, I don't know how far I went, but it was really nice, if a bit tricky due to the darkness, thankfully I had lights otherwise I would not have done it. Its a really nice rout and with caution can be done well during the day, the path next to the canal is well kept, even if Sustrans does not show it as an official off-road path on their map.

You will note that this is another trek on my Velocampus bike, it served me well that day and even made it truly off-road in a large nature park, which I will cover sometime later.

Approximate Google maps location
Sustrans, Birmingham overview map
British Waterways, West Midlands


  1. Looks like a very peaceful cycle paths, although maybe a bit small. However, I love cycling along water, may it be canals, rivers, lakes or the sea :-).

  2. yeah it was a bit small, but again from what I can tell its a bit of an unofficial path, so understandable. water cycling is indeed amazing! I will be posting some stuff later on where I live since I can see Lake Champlain out the front of my apartment