Thursday, August 27, 2009

A very important PSA

For those that follow these things, the latest craze has been texting while driving, not just talking, texting has been shown to be as dangerous as talking (hand-free or not) and in some cases can be worse. Thankfully states and communities are stepping to the plates with bans, but just as its illegal to drink under 21, there is unfortunately a large % of the population that either does not care or does not know that what they are doing is illegal. Infrastructurist posted this bit earlier this week on as PSA created by a Welsh (UK) community on the dangers of texting. this is not some happy-go-lucky PSA, this is harsh in your face and bloody well frightened me, and I don't do either of these things, but that's the point it can affect everybody, I bike to school ever day 5.2 miles each way in unprotected cycle paths, thankfully I have a mirror and I always watch the cars behind me, but I am scared to death every day really about getting hit by somebody crossing the white line on their phone, or texting, or because they dropped their big-mac on the floor or their hit coffee. In December I totalled my car(well 3k damage, it was an old car) by reaching down to grab my water which had fallen on the floor, I am a safe driver (as much as possible) I even have advanced training in control, none of that helped I was off the road and in the ditch faster then you can blink.

this is work safe, and yes it says 18+ but teens are driving at 15, they are the ones that need to see this more than anything else, its gruesome and it will scare you it should, Do not drive distracted ever! Everybody else is depending on that.

what's the answer? I would like to think that we would voluntarily not do these things, not call while in the car and so forth, however I fear a draconian policy of putting a jammer in every car so that no calls can be made while the engine is running will be needed, I hope to god not but I see no other effective solution...

Link to the bit from Infrastructurist

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