Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Infrastructure: Where The Sidewalk Ends, and beyond

We’re back! Ha!

If you follow me a little bit, you will know that I recently moved back to university and chose an apartment 5.2 miles from campus in order to force myself for a proper bike commute. It’s the end of workweek one, and 56+ miles traveled, results? I need a new seat, and raised handlebars. No way in hell am I wearing lycra every day to school either. I will just take a new bike then eh :D. Seriously though, it has been good, bit of rain a couple of the days but today was wonderful, 68F or so perfect weather. Got a bit of sunburn as well actually, need to remember that for when the snow is here, glare can kill ya.

For today’s infrastructure picture(s) I am going to show you my route, that I am biking ever day. Why did I title it the way I did? Well the sidewalk ends at the social security administration building about a mile and a half from where I live, and technically I don’t even live in Plattsburgh, I live in Beekmantown, but I won’t tell if you don’t. yes it’s a bit of a play on the ol Shel Silverstein book, and I can still see that funny cover, but there is life beyond the sidewalk in suburban America, unfortunately there is a whole lot.

I start off at the university, obviously, I didn’t take any pictures today of the first 2 miles of my journey home, so you start when I am about 3 miles from home, a bit after the Georgia Pacific plant on route 9, if you know the area.

That car passed a bit too close for comfort!
Full size

That's what we call infrastructure in the Adirondacks! you betcha!
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The mall that never was, under demolition, click full size to see it, I will be chronicling this mall more in a few weeks.
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The open road
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The local friendly farm stand, fresh pressed cider in a couple weeks!!!
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Google Maps rout, obviously only part of the commute, but its the part you see

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