Monday, July 20, 2009

Profile Image

so for those that noticed (all 1 of you out there) I managed to get myself up a nice (I think so) profile picture(click for full size!!) its very exciting!. For a bit of background on it, the picture is taken outside the walls of Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, Wales. There are huge expansive gardens surrounding the castle and the river. The shadows were right, the time was good, and it was my last few hours so I thought hey why not! It was also yet another opportunity to show off me and the Velocampus bike in yet another location. Part of the whole reason I did show off the bike so much was my work right before I left on a case study for Sustrans and the Velocampus Leeds programme, there will be more on that a bit later, and I will post and link here once the study has been compiled and is online. I did some contrast and colour boost of that in Photoshop, in case you were wondering

the Park is Bute Park

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  1. At first I thought you were in a green tent with the light on. Nice picture though. That reminds me, I need to work on my profile image as it still shows my model train...

  2. cheers mate! yeah I fiddled a bit with contrast and such, but the image was really nice and wonderful lighting when I took it, so just adding to the quality. normally I don't fool with my images but figured it was good for the profile image ^_^