Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Feature, back to Scotland

Ok so for the second installment of our Friday feature, I took this in Clydebank, a bit west of Glasgow. It is on Sustrans cycling route 7 which is the Clyde and Loch Lomond cycleway. The Road you see in the background is the A8014, or Kilbowie Road. I actually don’t know who designed and commissioned the giant bike, but Sustrans has done and commissioned a great deal of artwork along the various cycle paths, so I would hedge my bets that they are behind it. When I saw this bike as I came from under the bridge you see on the right, I thought it would be picture perfect opportunity with my trusty Giant(ha,ha)Expression DX Velocampus bike. Not much else to say except that the bike is complete with "U" lock attached to a giant staple rack, which you can see if you look through the actual staple racks in the foreground of the image. However it is not attached properly, and is only going through the front wheel, and not even the frame! I do however challenge any thief to try and steal this sucker, because its solid steel. It was a very (very) rainy ride back from a day spent in Dumbarton visiting a friend, this totally made me happy.

Google Maps

Sustrans Map. It is a bit north-west of the station location, you should be able to compare the google map and the Sustrans map to get the full idea


  1. I like that. It's a great way to raise the profile of cycling, and manages to avoid the 'helmet issue' as well, as the bike is without a rider.

  2. BTW I realised I didn't link to you earlier: sorry about that, now rectified.

  3. Exactly! I love the work that sustrans is doing and things like this, either by them or not, are just nice to see about on a long ride, it is also good that they avoid the helmet, while I would never ride on the street without one I am of the mind that off-road cycle paths when taken at a decent speed do not need them :) Anyway I know Portland is doing a great deal on integration of artwork and cycling and I think NYC is starting something, but we need to get more of this out, and it is the young artsy types here in the states that are pushing cycling for the everyday. Oh and no worries about the linking mate, Jim and I are still kinda getting our legs under us, cheers :)