Friday, July 3, 2009

Ghost Bikes...

I have only seen 2 "Ghost bikes" in my life, I hate seeing them really, even writing this I am tearing up a little. The two I saw were in London and York earlier this year, I didn't stop to photography, I don't know why. I think in a way they make me want to press on even more, to plan, to talk, to think, to try and prevent these unnecessary deaths in the first place. I have had many close calls over the years, especially these past 6 months as I commuted about 5.5 miles every day. Not one of these encounters with lorries, taxies, busses, pedestrians, or cars has stopped me from cycling, not one has even deterred me a little. Maybe its a desire to show that safe cycling can happen and be cool, that its not a requirement that you ride a fixie with no helmet and weave through traffic ignoring traffic laws if you are a college student. Maybe its more of a desire to let reluctant cyclists know that close encounters or accidents even are for now par for the course, but they don’t have to be! Maybe one day our modes of transportation can interact on a safe, secure, and efficient level, I urn for that day, unfortunately that day is not today.

And so we have "Ghost bikes"
Farewell to you all
Ghost Cycles
thanks flickr for the photo
recient bbc article on the topic

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