Sunday, November 15, 2009

No I am was not run over by a car

Not that getting run over by a car is a funny thing... its not. Too many cyclists die each year and the killers behind their vehicle are not charged with anything, it’s like getting away with a gun crime with the famous excuse that guns kill people, not people kill people. It’s the tool! It made me do it!


I am insanely busy as things start to wind down. I have to submit soon my proposal for new bike rack infrastructure on campus, so I am contacting suppliers and getting prices and trying to figure out where the most need is both inside and outside and its a mess trying to do that and do classes because I don’t have a chunk of time to dedicate to it. So there is that, as well as my plans for a bike share program, which I hope to launch in the spring, obviously better U-lock compliant racks need to come first. I am also working on a safe routes to school plan for the entire Plattsburgh school district as a senior project in GIS. Thankfully that is not going full tilt yet but its still stressful knowing what I have to do and knowing I have no time to do it.

Jim will have some posts up soon, and I will try to get stuff up when I can but who knows. So please make sure to check back tomorrow for Jims post and often as we both work on this

Thanks for reading :)


  1. You are one busy guy. I'm just hoping that I can pull off a Tweed ride this spring. I agree; u-lock compliant bike racks are a must. Nothing is more useless than the bike rack at Bashas on Woodlands Blvd that you can lock anything but your tire to.

  2. ooooo a tweed ride would be lots of fun! I am indeed busy now if only the pesky school work would stop getting in the way of things I want to do ;)

    I will report if I get the first set of funds, which is quite likely :)