Thursday, November 26, 2009

à Montréal

Bonjour from that funny little country to the North!

I am in Montreal for a day and a half, they finally let me out of the university and work, although I still have too much to do for next monday which wont get done... anyway

Gonna be using a Bixi! tomorrow hopefully and it will be exciting :) I will take pictures of course (and not delete them) I also want to document some of the bicycle boulevards that cross the city. Wonderful thing, there is a station right outside the hotel! and with a 5$ 24/hr pass first 30 min on each trip is free its such a great deal!

of other note, there is a brand spanking new bus station under construction. its very pretty

I am going to have to come over to Michigan and give Jim a smack, see he is writing a novel for the 30 day novel thing he posted about earlier, so deeming that more important he left me to keep up with things just as my life got crazy

thanks for nothin Jim! :P

have a happy virus infected blankets for Indians turkey day ;)

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