Monday, November 2, 2009

An Endless Summer

For those who pay attention (I think its just Jim left now really :P ) I do cover photography work, both mine and others, here. Its been awhile since I have done something in-depth but since loosing all my work from Washington DC I have been in a bit of a slump, not to mention midterms just passed and I am headed toward the end of the term faster than a zoobomber!

However I want to point interested parties over to the wonderful folks at EcoVelo. Now as a photographer, I envy Alen, who is the main contributor to the blog, man does he take some good shots! He has beautiful situations, with excellent colors and boosted contrasts; I know he does work in Photoshop to give his images that extra boost but none the less wow!

This time though, he has opened up the Endless Summer Contest to any member of the general public anywhere in the world to submit their best photos of an endless summer. I wish I had some for him really, but alas I don't think I do, anyway that does not prevent you from heading over and submitting something! I will make a note here once the contest ends and the voting rounds begin, and voting is very much worthy of your time.

He posts 4-5 entrants a day and will post ever-single entrant he gets, there is a 5-day backlog at the moment but nonetheless. There are also tons of cool prizes from lots of well-known companies!

Please take the time and navigate over there and enjoy the beauty that is EcoVelo and enjoy these summer photographs as that cold north wind starts to blow.

I have 3 food reviews in the pipeline and will be going up in the next 2 or so days, I also will do a bit on the DC bike sharing initiative, there will be pictures, just not mine unfortunately :(

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