Sunday, February 26, 2012

The first in a planned series: UK Canal Path Photos

As I slowly work back into putting up a couple posts a week I want to start out with the basics of some of my most popular posts over the past couple years.  That of Photography of Infrastructure.

Now as writing a huge piece (blog wise) for each set of images and taking you through the area being featured is quite a bit of writing and research and still a bit much for me at the moment, I will instead feature a photograph every couple days or so that is part of a larger trip or series.

On some of them I will add a few notes and I will try to get Google maps links for the approximate location in case you are visiting the area and wish to see more.

I will start out with some of my more enjoyable trips in the UK (ok pretty much all of them were enjoyable, even my commute to the university if you didn't mind playing leapfrog with the buses and lorries or getting squeezed at the intersections when the bike-lane became way too narrow)

Lets start out with a trip I took to the town of Saltaire a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just north west of Leeds in Yorkshire England.  I took this trip at the end of May in 2009. Enjoy.

Starting out:
Leeds (Kirkstall) 10:22am
Google Maps Link
Note the helmet which I did not wear for the entire trip.

Google Maps Link
The first of many manual locks I would see on this trip.  The Canal is active as you will see later.

Until next time, If you would like larger copies of any of the pictures in this series please send me an email or add a comment and I will gladly provide.  All images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. -John

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