Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Ride in Boston

So brought my bike down on the Downeaster from Dover today, yes you can do that with a full bike, but not technically ;) It helps to be a monthly pass holder and know the conductors.

Anyway got off at north station, answered a woman's question about bikes on commuter rail, informed her I used Amtrak but that reverse commutes during rush hour allowed bikes, and it is just a short period in the morning and evening that don't and that weekends are good.

I rode on the sidewalk for the longest distance I can remember since a child. I don't normally use the sidewalk, but when the alternative is to do battle with 5 lanes of traffic on what is effectively a high speed highway with traffic lights that connects North Station over into East Cambridge, I will choose the sidewalk every time even if there are sharrows on the road.

I was not the only one, although there were a number of brave soles on the road itself as well.

Ride to First and down the pre-painted bike lanes to Broadway and into the City Hall Annex of Cambridge (my current work)

Bike is living overnight in the bike room as I start my full move tomorrow.


  1. We have few restrictions on bikes etc on trains here, most have a large bike/stroller/wheelchair gap, and some allow you to reserve space for your bike.
    From experience in the UK it depends on the train operating company and mood of the conductor.

  2. Thankfully it's not a major problem to transport my bike by public transport here, although the Xtracycle is a bit massive when we use the Ü-bahn/LRT trains.

  3. We have less problems with bikes on public transport in Germany: 80% of the time you can take your bike on trains and off peak on trams too. Mind you getting an Xtracycle into a tram is a bit tight.