Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things seen tonight

Had a 8 mile round trip ride out to deliver 5 quarts of our Organic Blueberries to a life long customer tonight.

Noted the "kid bikeway" signs along Court and Back Rds which is really just a couple signs and no direction arrows or any pavement markings. Cost the city maybe 150$ for whatever signs, granted I think they were put in near 20 years ago... The shoulder is bairly standard width for a normal bike lane, let alone something like a "kid bikeway"...

One shooting star :)

Some fireworks, although not quite sure what said fireworks were for... but nice to see none the less :)

No animals seen...


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  2. Worrying what some planners would consider to be bike onfrastructure. I wonder of they'd let their children ride along that unacompanied?

  3. I think the key to good sidewalks, intersections, and bike infrastructure is if you as an engineer or planner would let your kid or mother on it. If you him and haw and say no but... well is it worth it to make something that could be perceived as beneficial but is actually much more dangerous...