Thursday, May 6, 2010

Plattsburgh Parks

I have taken the data from the Parks and Recreation website on the city parks as well as the facilities at each park and put them together in a basic google map showing location and amenities. I am in the process of adding non official parks and relaxation areas that are not included. If you are from Plattsburgh and are reading this and would like to be involved in the editing process or in adding to the map please let me know so I can add you as a collaborator. The map is not public yet, but I plan for it to be soon.

To take a look at ""'s map of public spaces please click Here. There are a few parks, but this map includes other public places in the North Country and not just in the city.

See if your city has done this already, or if it just has an address listing on some hidden corner of the city website. Larger cities can have so many parks that many people do not know about them.

Anybody can create a basic public spaces map and Google makes it real easy. Do you know where your public spaces are?

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