Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey, its National Bike Month!

Imagine that!

Well I do it every day, in a community pretty hostile to bikes in its current form, but it can be done safety and without harm with a little dedication and some common sense anywhere in America....

Anyway, I will be back and posting soon, its nearing finals and trying to finish everything up and get things in is killing my energy to write or post. I have a bunch of posts built up so hopefully I can start working them out...

In the mean time I give you this.

Does your place of work currently offer the 20$/month subsidy for commuting primarily by bike? If not it should!

It costs your company or organization nothing and in fact can reduce health costs as the workforce is happier, healthier, and more productive, after cycling to and from work than otherwise.

So for Bike-To-Work month, how about approaching your organization and asking about getting involved with the federal stipend!

hey 20$ is 20$!

please see this website for more info and and steps to facilitate the program.
League of American Bicyclists

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