Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We ride our bikes. every. friggin. day. | 30 Days of Biking

We ride our bikes. every. friggin. day. | 30 Days of Biking

ok so while I am not into the twitter thing, I am sure there are some of you out there that are and even if you are not this is pretty cool. It's a goal of getting on a bike every single day of April in some form. it can be biking down your driveway to pick up the mail or biking to work, the idea is that you get on a bike once a day and stick with it.

It has a huge following and seems pretty cool to me. I bike pretty much every day, I miss days here and there due to not having to go anywhere on weekends and being I live 4 miles from civilization, I don't tend to want to spend 30 minutes going into town for something I can just do Monday when I have to go into class ;).

So take a peak, join in and tweet about it or something, idk how you kids do these things no days, in my day we didn't have this Twitter and Facebook and you got around using your own two feet, none of this fancy wheeled thing ;)

In the meantime, now that I know about it I will try to get on a bike every day for the rest of this month, even on weekends!

check out the site, its pretty nifty :)

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