Sunday, February 28, 2010

Multi-modal food transfers

Yes I know its an odd title, but let me explain my reasoning a bit. I made butter this evening, using 16oz of whipping cream from Organic Valley this time, as we were out of Evans. It's wonderful as usual, I got a bit over 8oz of buttermilk left over. Reducing the recipe for butter-milk pancakes by 1/3, the original was for 12 and required 3 eggs, I used 1 egg (my last one) and a cup of buttermilk and a bit of whole milk into the recipe, this basically used up all the buttermilk I had just created from making butter. Added some butter into the mix along with the flour and other yummy things, made some pancakes and then used a bit more butter and honey on top to finish it off (I am out of maple syrup)

Now that's what I call a multi-modal transfer of food, that buttermilk was moving all over the place!

I took pictures of the finished products, and will put some up maybe later tonight. I am still eating though, hence why they are not included.

Recipes/instructions I used

Butter making
buttermilk Pancakes

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