Sunday, February 21, 2010

from: Imagine No Cars

Imagine No Cars: Thoughts on Alternative Transportation and Urban Design: I was Almost Killed Last Night Because of a Bunch of Redneck Fucks

Post over there from CarFree Stupidity on a very close encounter with a car in what would otherwise be attempted assault with a deadly weapon (or should be if state law classified a car as a weapon which it commonly can be). His extremely close encounter, I will leave you to read it, its scary, is thankfully nothing I have every come into contact with or had an issue with, I have been honked at, yelled at and other things, but never truly feared for my life
Remember, stay safe out there, many people hate cyclists on the road and all they need is Glen Beck or others to go off on a rant before they take matters into their own hands and start attacking. Its not paranoia, its reality, and until you ride a bike daily, you will never truly know

Stay safe, be prepared, be courteous, and when needed, ride like the wind.

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