Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's cold!!

So I was riding home on Friday, I had a water bottle (re-purposed glass bottle)with a small bit of water in it, as well as a Ginger Brew from Maine Root in the backpack. Now its been really cold, wind chill into the negative teens Fahrenheit and it was very cold Thursday and Friday, its better today and should be this week. Anyway I was coming home, double layers of gloves, 5 top layers, long socks, balaclava+wind/rain breaker hood for my head. I was pretty warm except for my upper thighs, but anyway I get home and get inside and take the water and Ginger out of my backpack, to find the water is frozen solid, and the Ginger is a slush!! This was after a 25 minute ride.

man that's some cooling there, times like this I do envy the folks in their steel cages with heaters, thankfully it usually does not stay cold that long.

onto another week

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