Sunday, October 25, 2009


So remember how I said I would have lots of stuff up from Washington DC from the trip? Yeah well being stupid I formatted the camera because I was asked to do some show pictures, I then filled it halfway again. I was(still am) so pissed. I will be running some image data recovery programs on it today in hopes to get something back, I will still cover some of the things I saw there but its easier for me if I have photo's as it helps me recall specifics and/or problems with what I saw.

Been a bit sick since Thursday, running nose yesterday and still a bit clogged today but going away. I finally officially joined the Livable(goggle dictionary wants to call this lovable, somehow that fits too...) Streets Initiative, you can find me as John_in_NH why that, since I am actually in NY, well idk but its what I used from my blogging days 5 years ago and it stuck and better then jjpell27 (my other most common username) :P

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