Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walkable Streets Economy Boosting Potential - This Big City

A good article from the UK on some recent research on how street improvements help increase home and property values along that same street. With research like this there might be an increased opportunity to develop other funding sources for Main Street revitalizations. Of course as goes good street improvements, goes the desirability to walk and the bicycle, which is key.
Take a read over at
Research study link, Here.


  1. You'd think people would get a hold of this idea wouldn't you? unfortunately our local shopkeepers are wedded to the idea that cars must be able to park right outside the door, and stuff everyone else. Evidence to the contrary is ignored: I've tried.

  2. Several local towns and cities have begun to realise this and are making walking/cycling easier and getting rid of traffic in their town centres. Our town is still in the 50's. Suggested slogan: "Four wheels good, two wheels baaaaad"

    And guess what? Our high streets aren't doing so well, but the shopkeepers insist that cars MUST be allowed to drive through at will.

  3. The trick is that in many cases it can't be an either-or equation. There must be a balance (at least at first) Sometimes the area can prove so popular that you can remove cars for all but deliveries, but many time there is not the political will to do so from the start. Perhaps opportunity to sell traffic calming could be that since cars are moving slower more cars can travel the route and they are moving slow enough to see what may be offered in the stores... Just by forcing them to move slower you have already started to increase the pleasantness of walking in that area. Thanks for the comment :)