Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to pedal pressure!

Its official, 1:00 am on June 30th 2009 at the Putney Summer School in Putney, Vermont, I have created what I hope will be a personal space enabling me to express my thoughts on cycling, transportation, the environment, photography and their interconnectedness with each other and the world. Time will tell if I am successful but I hope to be, so here goes nothing. I will be having a good friend out in Michigan write bits for this as well, and if you are interested and want to put something together for any of the above topics, as long as its kind of related please let me know. Yes this is my blog, but it’s a common space, to share ideas, develop plans, and to think.... at 12 miles per hour.*

*12mph refers to the average speed a cyclist will travel in a given day, and is used for planning purposes in terms of light timing and signals, among other things.

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